Badskloof Cave

Badskloof Cave

This adventure is not recommended for the very young or the elderly

The Badskloof Cave faces east overlooking the famous Avalon Hot Springs and Montagu Springs Resorts and is part of the 2.4km long Badskloof Hiking Trail which joins Avalon Springs with Eyssenhuis and Joubert Park.  Unfortunately the cave itself has been defaced of its natural beauty but this does not detract from its superb views.

It is a steep and hazardous hike up the steps to the cave and the chains that cross the path at various points can present a tripping danger, so please be very careful! There is also a ladder to climb near the top which may not be for the feint-hearted. 

The shortest walking distance to the cave is from the Avalon Springs side where the official path over the river starts at S33° 46.017' E20° 06.943’, just past the day visitors area.  Here you may need to take off your shoes and socks to rock-hop or pole walk your way over the river. 

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